Spa in Rishikesh at Aloha On the Ganges

Aloha On the Ganges Rishikesh FINAL Spa

Vilasa Spa by Tattva invites you to pamper your senses by experiencing authentic wellness rituals. Our range of organic spa therapies emphasize relaxing, revitalizing and rejuvenating you. Spa treatments, mediation sessions, Yoga and signature Ayurvedic rituals will drift away from your worries and lead you to a state of Shanti. Nestled at the foothills of the Himalayas, our spa is an abode of natural well-being and a life of cleansed mind, body and soul. The gentle gurgling of the river Ganga, the whispering winds through the lush green and the air so pure, will all come together to usher you on this journey to meet your inner self.

Welcome to the world of relaxation, well-being and rejuvenation in nature's lap.