Daily Structure
Ganga Worship with guided chats and prayer. Optional - cleansing and awakening dip is encouraged.
Havan Ceremony, traditional fire ceremonies where we worship the sun god, bless the male and female energies, acknowledge the five elements and chant the powerful Gayatri Mantra as the sun rises.
Yoga sessions, guided by a Yoga Acharia & followed by meditation to absorb all the energy awakened through the morning’s activities.
Satvik food is a method of food preparation which only uses non toxic, fresh food with subtle flavors and spices to really enhance digestion and health.
Theoretical Class, topics revolving round the Darshans or one of the Indian schools of though.
Evening Aarti , the ceremony offering of light to the River Ganga.
Evening Discourses at Retreat, we are highly determined to promote environmental conservation of our beautiful rivers. Both the Ganga and Yamuna River are highly revered and hugely spiritual in our culture, but we must promote awareness of conservation techniques. This is the time in the day where we would like to join our minds and voices together to try and come up with solutions to water conservation and better living. 

Group Size
Normally our groups will vary from 10 to 30 participants. 

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